Vertical labret piercing

What is a Vertical labret piercing?

Have you been putting much thought about going into one of those body piercing salons? For the past few decades or so, surface piercing or as it is more commonly known as body piercing, has been gaining back its popularity. Now there are several types of body piercing that a person can choose from. Say for example, a vertical labret piercing.

There is one thing to remember though, if you really have set your mind into getting a body piercing done and you walk into a shop and ask around, if they tell you that they would be using piercing guns; you better step out and look for another salon to go to. Since piercing guns can not be properly sterilized, using it for body piercing does not assure you of being safe from infection at all.

Although the most common of body parts that people have pierced first are the ears, there are several types of body piercing that are available these days. There is nose piercing, navel piercing, nipple piercing, nape piercing, tongue piercing and the labret type of piercing.

So what exactly is a vertical labret piercing?

Vertical labret piercing is the kind of piercing that can be found on the lower part of the lip area. Over the course of the years, this type of piercing has undergone a lot of changes. The labret’s name came from the type of jewelry that is usually worn with beads. Vertical labrets are jewelry that is pierced through the upper side of the lip and down to the lower part. The lowbret type of piercing on the other hand has a piercing all the way down to the chin. The medusa is located on the upper lip right between the center ridge of the lower lip.

Now if you do decide that a piercing is something that you really would want to do, you have to keep in mind that you should never try to pierce yourself or even ask a friend to use one of those Do It Yourself piercing kits. It is always advisable to go to a professional piercer’s salon and have it done there. There is such a high risk that the wound would get infected if you try piercing yourself.

Healing after a vertical labret piercing

You have to remember that when you have already had your piercing done, it would require a lot of aftercare on your part. This will ensure speedy healing. Do not use anything that the piercer did not recommend and do not do anything that they did not instruct you to do.

Vertical labret piercing, as well as other different types of piercing can be very sensitive and would need to be taken care of properly. Stay away from drinking alcoholic drinks and smoking as this slows down your body’s processes to heal itself. Wash the wound only twice in one day with a gentle antibacterial soap and clean water. Make sure your hands are very clean when you do have to touch your piercing.

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Corset Piercing

corset piercingWhat is Corset Piercing

Body piercing has evolved into a fashion statement in recent years. As a result, there are more people who are having their bodies pierced in various parts, so as to show off their particular style and preferences. One of the body piercing styles that are done is called corset piercing. The style looks like the lacing pattern that can be found on a corset, hence the name of the style. It is done on the back with a minimum of four regular piercings done in two rows. Captive bead rings are more often worn in this particular style, although the greater risks associated with the healing process make it less popular.

How Is corset Piercing Done

A corset piercing can be done temporarily or permanently. Those that are done on a temporary basis are often for aesthetic purposes. It usually forms part of photo ops makeup or a fetish session, to promote a business or for advertising. It is also one of the play piercings which is associated with BDSM activities. Corset piercings are often styled with ropes, ribbons or chains to make them more appealing. Aside from captive beads, jewelries can also be used. However, if the purpose is for a short duration only, such as a fetish session, hypodermic needles can be used instead.

It is rare that a corset piercing is worn for more than a week. Usually it is only for a few hours or until the event has been completed. The results are open wounds which are subject to infections and contaminations but signs of scarring are usually minimal. There can even be no signs of scars afterwards. But if you want your piercings to be more permanent, you can do it with surface bars which are more appropriate for the back. If you are thinking of having them, you must have the discipline to keep them protected at all times since they are more prone to damages.

What is Corset Piercing made for

A corset piercing is usually made for lacing but it should not be laced while the wounds are healing. Doing so will put the wounds under pressure and torsion, which will make your wounds heal slowly. A lacing must not be worn for extended periods even if the wounds are already healed since it can increase the risk of rejection and migration. The pain that you will experience while being pierced is usually minimal. It can be reduced further by the application of a topical anesthesia. Nevertheless, make sure that a professional does the piercing to minimize the health risks.

There are some controversies associated with corset piercing but if done in the right manner and worn for only a short period of time, it carries no permanent damage. There can even be no scars that will indicate you had your back pierced. If taken care of properly, most open wounds left with the removal of captive bead rings or jewelries heal rapidly. It is also rare that side effects are experienced by those who try it on their bodies.Watch corset piercing being done from the link below