Vertical labret piercing

What is a Vertical labret piercing?

Have you been putting much thought about going into one of those body piercing salons? For the past few decades or so, surface piercing or as it is more commonly known as body piercing, has been gaining back its popularity. Now there are several types of body piercing that a person can choose from. Say for example, a vertical labret piercing.

There is one thing to remember though, if you really have set your mind into getting a body piercing done and you walk into a shop and ask around, if they tell you that they would be using piercing guns; you better step out and look for another salon to go to. Since piercing guns can not be properly sterilized, using it for body piercing does not assure you of being safe from infection at all.

Although the most common of body parts that people have pierced first are the ears, there are several types of body piercing that are available these days. There is nose piercing, navel piercing, nipple piercing, nape piercing, tongue piercing and the labret type of piercing.

So what exactly is a vertical labret piercing?

Vertical labret piercing is the kind of piercing that can be found on the lower part of the lip area. Over the course of the years, this type of piercing has undergone a lot of changes. The labret’s name came from the type of jewelry that is usually worn with beads. Vertical labrets are jewelry that is pierced through the upper side of the lip and down to the lower part. The lowbret type of piercing on the other hand has a piercing all the way down to the chin. The medusa is located on the upper lip right between the center ridge of the lower lip.

Now if you do decide that a piercing is something that you really would want to do, you have to keep in mind that you should never try to pierce yourself or even ask a friend to use one of those Do It Yourself piercing kits. It is always advisable to go to a professional piercer’s salon and have it done there. There is such a high risk that the wound would get infected if you try piercing yourself.

Healing after a vertical labret piercing

You have to remember that when you have already had your piercing done, it would require a lot of aftercare on your part. This will ensure speedy healing. Do not use anything that the piercer did not recommend and do not do anything that they did not instruct you to do.

Vertical labret piercing, as well as other different types of piercing can be very sensitive and would need to be taken care of properly. Stay away from drinking alcoholic drinks and smoking as this slows down your body’s processes to heal itself. Wash the wound only twice in one day with a gentle antibacterial soap and clean water. Make sure your hands are very clean when you do have to touch your piercing.

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Celtic Tattoo

celtic tattoo

celtic tattoo


Celtic Tattoo – The Impressive Designs and Rich Origins

From the countless designs of body art forms, one that stands out is the celtic tattoo. These skin markings are believed to have originated from the early Celt people, who are known for their wonderful works of art. The Celtics were excellent in blending together various patterns like spirals, knot works, animal prints and many others, which they presented through their production of jewelleries, figurines, jars and weapons.

From that moment on, these wonderful creations have been transferred from one country to another. Luckily, the same has influenced even the manner of adorning one’s body. A celtic tattoo is continuously gaining popularity as it is regarded an exceptional way to illustrate one’s personality. Although this design is commonly tattooed on ankles, shoulders, upper back and lower back, tattoo experts consider this appropriate just about any part of the body

Celtic Tattoo Design & Symbols .

Certainly, upon having a view of thousands of celtic tattoo designs, it will surely make you decided on having it tattooed on your body the soonest possible time. There are wide selections of signs and symbols that correspond to meaningful words, phrases, or statements. To add to its magnificent appearance, a celtic tattoo is easy to recognize among other tattoo artistries. You can effortlessly identify it because of the kind of colors used and blended together. The designs itself are out of the ordinary as complex intertwining patterns are also being used like knot works and spirals.

If you find yourself fascinated by this design and are planning to have one for yourself, the internet is a great source to learn the complete details that concern this particular body art. You can try signing up for an online tattoo website where you can get to see tons of celtic tattoo designs and obtain all pertinent details that you need to be familiar with before you head off the tattoo shop.

What To Look For In A Celtic Tattoo Design

When looking for a celtic design, you should not just focus on the appearance alone. It is important that you know its underlying meaning exactly so that you will have a concrete answer when people ask you what your tattoo means. If you are the kind of person who wants to go with what is trendy and what most people have, you can stick to the basic designs. If on the other hand, you are more daring and would want something different, then try on knot works created into an animal like a dog, dragon or tiger. You may also want to have something really striking like a heart or a shamrock. Whatever design you settle on, make sure that you also give some considerations to its size. Let your chosen artist know prior to going through the procedure just how big or small you are willing to have it. Pay attention to the color as well as it has a great impact on the end product of the entire process.

As a whole, a celtic tattoo is truly a beautiful work of body art. It is not only for its unique appearance, but also for the richness of its artistic origin.Find the perfect celtic tattoo here.