Vertical labret piercing

What is a Vertical labret piercing?

Have you been putting much thought about going into one of those body piercing salons? For the past few decades or so, surface piercing or as it is more commonly known as body piercing, has been gaining back its popularity. Now there are several types of body piercing that a person can choose from. Say for example, a vertical labret piercing.

There is one thing to remember though, if you really have set your mind into getting a body piercing done and you walk into a shop and ask around, if they tell you that they would be using piercing guns; you better step out and look for another salon to go to. Since piercing guns can not be properly sterilized, using it for body piercing does not assure you of being safe from infection at all.

Although the most common of body parts that people have pierced first are the ears, there are several types of body piercing that are available these days. There is nose piercing, navel piercing, nipple piercing, nape piercing, tongue piercing and the labret type of piercing.

So what exactly is a vertical labret piercing?

Vertical labret piercing is the kind of piercing that can be found on the lower part of the lip area. Over the course of the years, this type of piercing has undergone a lot of changes. The labret’s name came from the type of jewelry that is usually worn with beads. Vertical labrets are jewelry that is pierced through the upper side of the lip and down to the lower part. The lowbret type of piercing on the other hand has a piercing all the way down to the chin. The medusa is located on the upper lip right between the center ridge of the lower lip.

Now if you do decide that a piercing is something that you really would want to do, you have to keep in mind that you should never try to pierce yourself or even ask a friend to use one of those Do It Yourself piercing kits. It is always advisable to go to a professional piercer’s salon and have it done there. There is such a high risk that the wound would get infected if you try piercing yourself.

Healing after a vertical labret piercing

You have to remember that when you have already had your piercing done, it would require a lot of aftercare on your part. This will ensure speedy healing. Do not use anything that the piercer did not recommend and do not do anything that they did not instruct you to do.

Vertical labret piercing, as well as other different types of piercing can be very sensitive and would need to be taken care of properly. Stay away from drinking alcoholic drinks and smoking as this slows down your body’s processes to heal itself. Wash the wound only twice in one day with a gentle antibacterial soap and clean water. Make sure your hands are very clean when you do have to touch your piercing.

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corset piercingsCorset Piercings – The Most Daring Manner of Self Expression

Although corset piercings may look totally strange and painful, especially if you are not the daring type, there are still some individuals who regarded it as the most courageous and unique way of self expression. A large portion of people who have this kind of body art are women, so it is not surprising how those who undergo this process are terribly admired for having the courage to go through with such a fearful procedure.

How is corset piercings done.

Corset piercings are done by creating a chain of surface holes in order to imitate the look of a lace, which is closely similar to what is on the back of a corset. Two corresponding piercing lines will be executed and the number of holes will depend on the desire of the individual having it done. There must be ample space between these two lines to give way to lace or pieces of jewellery that you want to emphasize when the piercing has healed.

Most people find this practice unacceptable. There are times when those who have it done are considered masochists, as the behaviour of wanting to feel pain through these multiple piercings is an awful idea. However, because quite a number of people desire to modify their personalities, some still choose to resort to expressing their individuality through this procedure. These individuals believe that corset piercings can make them different and will certainly make them stand out in a crowd.

The Two types of corset piercing

There are two ways you can have a corset piercing. One is to have it temporarily, and the other is permanent. Temporary corset piercings are commonly acquired for artistic purposes. Models have this done on their back for pictorials in order to promote a particular product or service, where usage of laces in the form of rope, chains, or ribbons are commonly asked for. Temporary corset piercings can be removed immediately after the presentation, of which infections and scars are less likely to occur.


Permanent corset piercing is a totally different story. You have to conduct thorough research with regards to the entire process prior to engaging yourself to it. Having ample knowledge about its entirety can help you determine if you are ready to have it done to your body. The moment you decide that you will go for it, make sure that your choice of piercer is a professional in the field of this body art. You have to be certain that the materials to be used in the process must either be surface bars or dermal anchors as these are the ones mostly recommended. Also, you have to make sure that all the equipment your body will be coming in contact with is all sterilized. Remember that your safety must not be put at risk no matter what kind of piercing you would want to have.

Corset Piercing Aftercare

Do not forget to clean the piercings with antibacterial soap, rinse it thoroughly, and dry it using a clean towel. Avoid touching it when it’s not yet fully recovered to prevent it from becoming infected. Keeping up a well done corset piercing demands your utmost attention, so be certain that you heed the advice of your piercer about keeping it clean.Corset piercings not for the faint hearted.